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Aerial Photography Web design meets business

Skytrax Aviation is a national company, specialising in aerial photography so web design was a challenge. Using specially modified light aircraft with silenced diesel engines ensuring a minimal environmental footprint, with bases strategically placed across the country from Inverness in Scotland to Bristol in the South West. Skytrax' role is the supply of high quality aerial photography, often at short notice, to business clients in a variety of market sectors, from local authorties, estate agents and solicitors to the news media. We met the challenge of aerial photography web design and meeting the W3C standards by using Zoomify to load very high resolution images a few small image tiles at a time.

Flash movies that validate

The central feature of the Skytrax web site is the 'zoom-able' images... these are high resolution images - real aerial photographs - which are many megabytes in size. These images would normally take minutes to download in their entirity (even on a fast broadband connection) but thanks to a little magic we worked, visitors can immediately display the image and then begin to zoom in on the image simply by clicking on it with their mouse, revealing the hidden detail which makes good aerial photography web design of such use to both industry and commerce, and the public sector. This is made possible by the use of Macromedia Flash - we've managed to insert the Flash movies in such a way as to retain the validity of the XHTML code in the page - no mean feat.

Instant Response

Skytrax Aviation uses GPS navigation to task their aircraft and this makes it possible not only to optimise the process of flying over the day's target photo sites, but also to add new short notice tasks. Using digital photography, as soon as the aircraft lands, the digital imagery can be uploaded to a secure client area in the web site from where the client can log in and download the material. Technology and the internet providing an almost instant response to a dynamic problem!

Visit the Skytrax web site, now.